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A Snake’s Tale Coming Back to Life…

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Greenwich Watches, one of the pioneering companies of the watch industry in Turkey for the last 30 years, hosted a glamorous launch. Thuja Jewel’s “Snake” collection featuring a snake theme was introduced at Le Baron Restaurant in Zorlu Center.

Amongst guests of Selim Sapan and İhsan Sapan, owners of Franck Muller and Perrelet’s exclusive distributor in Turkey Greenwich, whose digital PR activities are conducted by Scarlet Media were famous actor Oktay Kaynarca, owner of Zorlu Hacı Abdullah Restaurant Şakir Deniz, Şükrü Dudu, CEO of Nef Hakan Oflazer, popular names of arts, magazine and high society life Erdem Top and Alinur Velidedeoğlu. World-famous watch influencer Anish Bhatt also arrived in Turkey and was also among the guests of the event that was hosted by Thuja Jewels and Greenwich Watches.

The collection that was inspired by snakes, representing the core fire of life and wisdom, morphs snake patterns into smart and innovative design pieces. Figures of snakes add a unique spirit to the collection with their patterns and motives. This rich symbol comes to life in this collection under two categories of Serpent and Cubic.

Each piece of finely crafted, creative, and attractive accessory included within this collection by Thuja Jewels provides unique and interesting alternatives for urban men with an ever-growing passion for accessories.

Invitees were able to enjoy each meticulously crafted piece of this collection. Visitors getting a chance to examine and try this collection gave each splendid piece a full grade. Snake collection reminds us that the only way to reach complete unity is by walking with righteousness and living every moment to the fullest.

This thousands of years old snake’s tale is waiting to be rediscovered. Collection can be found at Greenwich’s boutiques in Istanbul and Ankara.

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