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Performance Marketing For Ecommerce

Digital storefronts are bustling with competition, having a seasoned ecommerce marketing consultant by your side can make all the difference. Scarlet Media is your dedicated Ecommerce Consultancy partner in achieving ecommerce success.

Master Ecommerce Success with Your Trusted Ecommerce Consultancy

A systematic strategy, data-driven judgments, and the knowledge of an experienced ecommerce consultant in Dubai are required when it comes to performance marketing for ecommerce.

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Customized Success Strategies

The art of designing customised plans is at the heart of our ecommerce growth marketing approach. We recognize that no two businesses are the same, which is why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our ecommerce consultant takes the time to learn about your company’s unique brand, goods, and goals ensuring that our strategies are in sync with your vision.

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Excellence in Performance Marketing

Success in ecommerce is much more than simply visibility; it is about delivering tangible outcomes. Our ecommerce marketing consultant is an expert in performance marketing, which focuses on measurable results.

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Remarketing Strategies that Work

Re-engaging users who have shown interest in your products is a key component of ecommerce success. As an ecommerce marketing consultant we are masters of remarketing, creating strategies that capture those elusive second chances at conversion.

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Transparent Reporting

As a Ecommerce Consultancy, we believe in open and transparent communication. You’ll have access to detailed reports that provide clear insights into campaign performance, expenditure, and ROI. Our commitment to you as your ecommerce consulting agency is to provide you clear information.

SEO: Organic Traffic For Ecommerce Brands

The pursuit of organic traffic is identical to a treasure hunt in the fast-paced world of every ecommerce consulting company. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, acts as a road map to the hidden treasures of online visibility and, ultimately, revenue.

Organic traffic is essential to ecommerce success. Unlike sponsored traffic, which can deplete your marketing budget, organic traffic comes naturally to your website as a result of SEO’s magic. You want potential customers to find you easily when they search for products or services linked to your ecommerce store. This is where SEO comes into play.

Why Use Google Keyword Planner for Ecommerce SEO?

Keyword research assists you in identifying relevant keywords and phrases that potential clients are typing into Google. These findings are critical when it comes to personalizing your content and product descriptions.

Search Volume

Google Keyword Planner displays average monthly search volume for individual keywords. Keywords with a high search volume are frequently great objectives for SEO

Competition Analysis

The tool also provides statistics on keyword competition, which can help you determine how difficult it is to rank for a specific search.

Seasonal Trends

By identifying trends and seasonal fluctuations in keyword popularity, you can fine-tune your marketing plan.

What Kind of Approach are We Utilizing?

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Google Tag Manager: Capture Valuable User Actions

The key to success in ecommerce performance marketing is not only obtaining a considerable volume of organic traffic, but also converting that traffic into valuable users. Users that interact with your items and spend valuable time on your website, after all, are considerably more likely to become devoted customers. Performance marketing firms use Google Tag Manager (GTM) as their hidden weapon to do this for a successful ecommerce strategy.

How Google Tag Manager Works

Setting Triggers

You can specify particular triggers for user activities in GTM. You can, for example, establish a trigger to activate when a user spends more than five minutes on your site or adds an item to their cart.

Capturing Events

When a trigger is triggered, GTM records the event and transmits it to your analytics platform. These events can be tracked through tools like Google Analytics to acquire insights into user activity.

Creating Audiences

Using GTM data, you may create bespoke audiences. These users have completed certain actions on your website, such as viewing specific product categories or reaching the checkout page.

Customized Marketing

You may create highly targeted marketing campaigns. You can, for example, show retargeting advertisements to customers who abandoned their shopping carts or give exclusive discounts to people who visit your product pages.

What Kind of Approach are We Utilizing?

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Google Analytics: Setting and Achieving Ecommerce Goals

In ecommerce, it’s not just about attracting visitors to your online store; it’s about filtering and classifying that traffic to create audiences that can be nurtured into loyal customers.

Performance marketing goes beyond traditional digital marketing by prioritizing the conversion potential of your visitors. To achieve this, you’ll need to create events in Google Tag Manager like how we just showed, that capture user interactions on your site and then use Google Analytics to translate these events into actionable goals and audiences.

How Google Analytics Help Drive Ecommerce Growth in Performance Marketing

Traffic Sources

Understand where your visitors come from, whether it’s through organic search, paid advertising, social media, or referrals.

User Behavior

Track user interactions, including page views, time spent on site, and the sequence of pages they visit.

Conversion Data

 Measure the success of your ecommerce efforts by monitoring conversion rates, revenue, and specific actions such as purchases, form submissions, or sign-ups.


Google Analytics provides valuable data for remarketing efforts. You can create audiences based on user behavior, such as cart abandonment or specific goal completions.

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Google Ads Remarketing: Maximize Ecommerce Conversions

Let’s explore how to leverage Google Ads to create remarketing sources and conversions, taking your ecommerce endeavors to new heights.

After creating your conversion goals in Google Analytics, you need to import these to Google Ads. From this point forward, Google Ads will keep a watchful eye on your users, notifying you each time someone completes one of these conversion goals. This real-time data becomes the lifeblood of your performance marketing strategy.

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