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Mar / 24

Professional Social Media Marketing Agency In Dubai

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There is no doubt that without having a well-settled social media presence, the chances diminish dramatically for any business to grow or stand out and reach it’s customers in today’s highly competitive world. At Scarlet social media marketing agency in Dubai, we provide a full support for your social media coverage and let you focus on your own business while promising you that you will get the best results in return for your investment.

Social platforms not only can serve you as a tool to present your business or share your message but also they are extremely important for building your reputation and your business perception in the digital world.

The freedom to post anything you like in social media is like entering into a desert with your goods on your camel’s back and it takes only a while to get lost in the wasteland not knowing where to bring your camel and whom to reach. Our social media marketing agency in Dubai has all the navigation skills and know-how in order not to just merely survive on social platforms but also to thrive in this huge place.

The fact that the social platforms are available to everyone doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task to plan, to realize and most importantly to maintain. Consistency is the key when it comes to form a desired consumer loyalty and reputation. It takes effort and time. 

What Are The Benefits of A Social Media Agency in Dubai?

Experts from Scarlet Social Media Agency’s every department offer insights into creating powerful content capable of making an impact on social media. Our services include:

Working with Scarlet social media marketing agency in Dubai, our clients will also have the beneficial practices such as:

Social Media Content Development

Ever heard of the red apple which is beautiful and seductive on the outside but rotten in the inside?

That’s the same with an eye-catching design of web and social media platforms that actually lacks the true and qualified ingredients inside; the quality of the content is the key to guarantee your success on social media. This quality comes from the authenticity and the value of the contents shared that exactly matches with the image and the character of your brand. The consistency and timing of these contents are also extremely important in order to hit the right spot with the sophisticated content we provide.

Before starting a social media campaign, we first learn about your business and then we identify what makes your brand unique, your target audience and finally we develop a content strategy with your team to make sure our goals are aligned with your expectations. Once the strategy is ready, Scarlet design team loves to work on creative and engaging designs and videos for social platforms.

Social Media in Advertising and Marketing

We, at Scarlet Media, help your brand increase its website traffic by managing social media ads in High ROI approach. We engage in social listening and emotional reporting, social media customer services and social media data analytics to understand the demands of your target audience.

Scarlet Media use YouTube advertising in three ways – TrueView in-stream, TrueView in-display and TrueView in-search ads so that your company ads appear during videos, ad lists, audience networks and YouTube search engines, enabling viewers to click, view and know more about your company.

Let us be your social eyes and ears in Dubai and provide you with our social services to increase your brand awareness, develop customer base by communicating in Arabic and local tongue, in order to increase your exposure and create buzz over popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Social Media Monitoring

Providing content for social media is one thing, focusing on getting the feedback and analyzing it to get better results each time is another. Scarlet social media marketing agency in Dubai offers their clients a professionally made, advanced and sound social media strategy which makes brands gain exposure and audience. We analyze your social media space and determine the best approach to use and content to create for the target audience

At Scarlet, we offer social media advertising campaigns to our clients .The marketing services of our social media agency in Dubai will help your business grow brand awareness, relationships and website traffic through using the most popular and effective social media advertising channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. 

Keeping an eye on what happens in social media, following the trends or posts by others have a huge influence on achieving success. Social media listening is crucial for prospering brand management. By using tools and protocols in place to listen and monitor social media 24/7 we understand your brands social media space and your audience better. With flags, alerts and ticket systems we gather everything about your brand from customer service issues, to positive and negative press to conversations and more.

Gaining Followers with Influencers

Growing your followers on social media will help you increase your awareness with word of mouth. Influencers will help you increase your followers with relevant people. To gain the right follower, we reach out to your target audience along with competitors’ target audiences and perform lookalike targeting campaigns. If this is not enough, we use Influencers!

social media influencer agency dubai

For the organic follower growth, social media influencer agency Dubai is like a must. With 47% of millennials using adblock technology, brands are realising the best way to reach them is through content from sources they trust.  As a result, influencer marketing comes into play. MENA has the highest level of trust in online consumer opinions over other global regions (Nielsen). 71% of those surveyed in the UAE would be interested in buying from a brand if their influencer endorses it. (BPG Cohn & Wolfe)

Brands that use social influencers are growing with up to a 10X increase in conversion rates (Content Marketing Institute). Customers who were acquired via influencer efforts have a 37% higher retention rate. Most marketers who used influencer marketing found it to be efficient.

Our social media influencer agency Dubai will ensure that your new followers match the demographics, interests and behaviors of your typical customers.

Community Management

Community management plays a significant role in the retention of existing customers who then likely to be involved in repeated brand interactions. Literally managing the community who wants to interact with brands via social platforms will be even more crucial in 2020. With a max. 5 hour response time,  we focus on client-brand relationship more than ever. Read more here:

Your brands’ customers are important for us. We monitor and catalog inbound injuries and issues, solve them or escalate them. By solving problems with your customers we strengthen their relationships with your brand and gain their royalty; in short, Scarlet is always at your side.

You can check Scarlet Media business partners here:

What makes a social media marketing agency in Dubai different? Do all agencies give the same service?

In case you haven’t noticed, social media is not just a fad… It’s also not just for teens or  boppers. As it provides valuable opportunities for your small business to reach a broader audience and to market your products or services, its more and more a necessity nowadays. When it comes to choosing the right social media marketing agency Dubai comes with a lot of alternatives. Scarlet Media is a digital consultancy company, which acts as the pioneer social media agency in Dubai,  never fails to catch the attention of potential clients with their unique use of social media strategies.

We at Scarlet Media, give you a casual platform for promoting your brand and developing a loyal customer community. This helps you as our client gain valuable insight into the demand of your customers. We apply the use of local language to engage better with the people in Dubai. This helps us to reach your clients better, and increase knowledge of your brand better than those on the English language-based platforms like Twitter.

Scarlet Media knows very well how much you need to connect with your customers. Our social media strategies are designed and developed in such a way to improve communication and engage an interactive social media portal, helping you to stay connected with your customers. Our social media agency in Dubai has helped several companies like Pandora, Sandisk, Vertu and Ford Middle East, Yale Middle East, Yamaha, Calzedonia, Masterkey, Oman Airlines, Saudia, Kuwait Financial House and many more brands to increase social media engagement and expand the number of customers in the market.


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