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Meta Ecommerce Strategies

Facebook’s now-known as Meta advertising platform has developed into a marketing powerhouse, with over 10 million active advertisers globally. It has expanded from its humble beginnings into a varied range of ad formats, each designed to help businesses reach the proper audiences, outperform their rivals, and achieve their specific goals.

Understand Meta’s Core Ad Formats With Scarlet Ecommerce Consultancy

Where do you begin with so many Facebook advertising alternatives available today and how do you select the best ad formats for your goals and budget? Let’s go over each Meta ad kind and learn how we can use them for your campaigns as your ecommerce consultancy

Meta Ads
Objectives vs. Ad Formats

Most products fall between these two extremes. For example, a restaurant provides a physical good, but also provides services in the form of ambience, the setting and clearing of the table, etc. Before you even think about the creative aspect of your Facebook ad, you need a clear sense of purpose. This is where ad objectives come into play.

Facebook offers six primary campaign objectives to choose from:

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To captivate your audience and carve a lasting presence in their minds, you need a strategic approach. If you’re aiming to introduce your brand to a wider audience or increase brand recall, as a Ecommerce Consultancy company we suggest this objective to be your go-to choice.

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Drive more people to your website or a specific landing page by selecting this objective. It’s ideal for expanding your online reach. So, as a ecommerce consultancy we use the traffic objective with one mission in mind – to channel users to your desired online destination, whether it’s a website, mobile or desktop app, or even a Messenger conversation.

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Want more likes, comments, and shares? Opt for engagement as your objective to boost interaction with your content. Boost the number of likes, comments, and shares on your posts, creating a buzz around your brand with a ecommerce consulting. You can also cultivate deeper relationships with your audience by encouraging conversations and feedback.

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If gathering valuable customer information is your priority, lead generation objectives help you collect data without users leaving Facebook. You can seamlessly collect user data such as email addresses and contact details, enriching your customer database which will be very valuable for every ecommerce consultancy.

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App Promotion

Promote your mobile app and encourage downloads with this objective, making it perfect for app-based businesses. You can boost app installations and increase your user base. You can also encourage users to take specific actions within your app, such as making purchases or signing up for services.

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For every ecommerce business consultancy looking to boost their client’s bottom line, the sales objective is designed to drive conversions and revenue. Directly drive user actions such as making a purchase or completing a transaction. You can maximize your ROI by increasing sales and revenue through targeted campaigns.

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Meta Ad Formats

1. Image Ads

Image Ads are the most basic and straightforward form of Facebook advertising. They are made up of a single image with an optional header and content. This format may appear simple at first glance, yet it has the ability to convey a captivating message in a compact visual approach.

When you want to spotlight a single product or feature, Image Ads allow you to put it front and center. Hence, as a ecommerce consulting agency, we suggest Image Ads for your business if your brand identity relies heavily on visuals because Image Ads are an excellent way to reinforce your aesthetic.

Visual Impact

 A captivating image can convey your message more effectively than paragraphs of text. Image Ads are perfect for showcasing a single, striking visual.


Image Ads are quick and easy to create. In a matter of minutes, you can craft an eye-catching ad that’s ready to reach your audience.


They can be deployed at any stage of the sales funnel. Whether you’re aiming to increase brand awareness, drive engagement, or boost conversions, Image Ads have a role to play.

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Limitations of Image Ads

Even though Image Ads might be a great type of advertising for some businesses, there are of course, some limitations and challenges that come with it:

Single-Message Constraint: Given their focus on a solitary image, Image Ads may not be suitable if you have multiple products or messages to convey. For such scenarios, other ad formats like Carousel Ads or Slideshow Ads are better suited.

Storytelling Challenges: Crafting a comprehensive brand story with a single image can be challenging. Video Ads or Collection Ads might offer a more robust storytelling canvas.

Message Clarity: It’s crucial to ensure that the message in your copy or footer is clear and concise. In Image Ads, every word counts.

What We Suggest?

As an Ecommerce business consultant, what we sugget is that, if you are going use image ads in your as your ad format, make sure you have an eye-catching visiual that can grab the attention of your potential customer with just a single image!

The message you want to give out should also be very clear but in an eye-catching way. This is both important for you and us as your Ecommerce Consultancy. You can think of going straight to the point.As an example, if you have Free Shipping in your store, make sure to add it as your headline! Because, who wouldn’t love some free shipping for the items they added to cart!

When it comes to using Image Ads in your ecommerce business, visual appeal and clarity are your best friends!

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2. Video Ads

Video Ads are the maestros of storytelling in Meta ad types. Similar to their static sibling, Image Ads, Video Ads are designed to promote your brand, product, or message. However, for us, as a Ecommerce Consultancy, they wield a unique power – the ability to infuse life and movement into your advertising campaign.

In the age of short attention spans, brevity is your ally. Facebook recommends keeping your Video Ads to 15 seconds or less. This ensures that your message is conveyed effectively without losing the viewer’s interest. As a ecommerce consultancy, what we always suggest, whether it is an image or a video, it should be visually striking and attention-grabbing from the first frame. A compelling opening is crucial to hook your audience.

Dynamic Storytelling

 Video is a dynamic canvas that allows for rich and immersive storytelling. It can evoke emotions, create suspense, and deliver a narrative that resonates deeply with your audience.

Enhanced Engagement

 Moving elements and sounds captivate the viewer’s attention. Video Ads tend to drive better engagement compared to static formats, making them a preferred choice for many advertisers.


 Video Ads can be adapted for various objectives. Whether you’re looking to boost brand awareness, drive conversions, or simply tell a compelling story, the format provides versatility.

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When to Use Video Ads

Product Demos: Showcase your product in action, highlighting its features and benefits.

Brand Storytelling: Create a narrative that encapsulates your brand’s values and mission, forging a deeper connection with your audience.

Event Promotion: Drive excitement and interest by promoting upcoming events or launches.

Customer Testimonials: Let satisfied customers share their experiences, building trust and credibility.

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3. Carousel Ads

Meta Carousel Ads are multi-faceted ads, resembling a deck of cards ready to be revealed, offer advertisers a unique canvas to tell their story.

At first glance, Carousel Ads may appear as a simple series of images or videos, but what we think as a ecommerce consulting agency that they are in fact, a symphony of storytelling. This format allows you to showcase up to 10 cards, each with its own headline, description, link, and call to action.

Users interact by swiping on mobile devices or clicking arrows on their computer screens, immersing themselves in a visual journey designed to engage and convert.

Multi-Product Showcase

 If your business offers a range of products or services, Carousel Ads empower you to present them all in a single ad. Each card can feature a different product, linking to a relevant landing page. This streamlined approach simplifies the user’s journey and increases the likelihood of exploration.

Feature Spotlight

 Highlighting the various features or benefits of a single product has never been more engaging. Each card can focus on a distinct aspect, providing a comprehensive view of what you have to offer.

Step-by-Step Guidance

 Complex processes or step-by-step instructions find an ideal home in Carousel Ads. Whether you’re explaining how to use a product or showcasing a DIY project, each card can represent a clear stage in the process.

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When to Use Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads are a versatile format, but as a ecommerce consultancy, for us, they shine particularly bright in specific scenarios such as:

1. Small Product Lineup: For businesses with a limited range of products, Carousel Ads are a perfect fit. They maximize the potential of each item, ensuring that no offering goes unnoticed.

2. Storytelling Brilliance: When you have a compelling narrative to share, Carousel Ads provide a canvas for storytelling. Unfold your brand’s journey, customer testimonials, or the evolution of a product.

3. Showcasing Variations: If your product comes in different colors, styles, or configurations, Carousel Ads allow you to display them all in one place. Shoppers can explore and choose their favorite.

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4. Collection Ads

Capturing the essence of your brand, product, or message in a single glance is the ultimate challenge in the ever-changing field of digital advertising.

Meta Collection ads are the dynamic evolution of carousel ads that allow for immersive shopping experiences. As a Ecommerce Growth Marketing agency, we think Collection Ads are a boon for businesses with a vast array of products and offerings.

Collection Ads are more than just advertisements; they are gateways to curated shopping journeys. Unlike their Carousel counterparts, Collection Ads feature a cover image or video followed by three product images, teasing the viewer with a glimpse of what’s to come. However, the magic truly unfolds when a user clicks or taps on the ad.

Upon interaction, users are transported into a full-screen “Instant Experience” that is, in essence, your digital storefront. Here, they can seamlessly scroll through your entire product catalog, explore detailed descriptions, view prices, and, most importantly, make purchases—all without leaving the immersive environment.

Showcase Variety

 Highlight the breadth and depth of your product lineup. From fashion to electronics, Collection Ads can display it all.

Detailed Descriptions

 Provide comprehensive product descriptions and pricing information, ensuring that users have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Seamless Shopping

Streamline the path to purchase. Users can explore products and make purchases within the Instant Experience, eliminating the need for multiple clicks or page visits.

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How Your Headlines Should Be to Capture Customers

In the world of Meta advertising, where millions of businesses vie for the precious attention of users, your ad’s headline stands as the first point of contact. As a Ecommerce Growth Marketing agency we look at headlines as the digital handshake, the moment of truth that can either captivate or lose a potential customer.

Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed. Amidst a sea of posts, a well-crafted headline is your beacon. It’s the hook that snags your attention, entices you to pause, and compels you to explore further. It even might be the first thing your potential customer will see before they scroll down and see your image or video you used in the ad.

Converting Clicks into Customers With Call To Action

A strong CTA headline cuts through the noise, providing the user with a clear path to follow, increasing the likelihood of interaction.

A CTA headline doesn’t merely capture attention; it guides user behavior. It tells your audience what you want them to do next. For instance, if your ad headline says, “Shop For The Best Men’s Suits – Get Stylish Today! it’s not just sharing information; it’s urging users to take action and explore the suits.

What We Suggest While Creating Your Headline?

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It should convey your message succinctly. Users should instantly grasp what your ad is about and what’s in it for them.

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Highlight the value proposition of your product or service. What problem does it solve? How does it benefit the user? Make it crystal clear.

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Use words that evoke a sense of urgency. Limited-time offers or exclusive deals can compel users to act quickly. As an example, “Buy 1 Get 1 For a Limited Time Only” or “%50 Off Exlusive Online” are one of the great headlines for creating that sense of fear of missing out on potential customers.

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Employ action-oriented verbs that prompt users to take specific actions. Words like “Discover,” “Shop,” “Get Started,” or “Join” can be highly effective. As a Ecommerce Growth Marketing agency, we can tell that the action words are the crucial aspect that will set your customers in motion.

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Given the prevalence of mobile users on Facebook, it’s crucial to ensure that your headlines are mobile-friendly. They should be concise and easily legible on smaller screens, as well as visually complement your ad’s imagery.

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Important Metrics to Look at For Analyzing The Ad Performance

As your Ecommerce Consultant Dubai, let us share the essential metrics that should be on your radar when making crucial adjustments and determining what to test next.

Let’s look at the 3 most important metrics to look at while analyzing your ad performances and campaigns.

1. Cost per Result: The Metric That Matters Most

At the heart of your Meta ad campaign lies a fundamental question: What is it costing you to achieve your desired outcome? This metric is your guiding star. The “Cost per Result” encapsulates the average amount you’ve paid for each action based on your campaign objective.

Cost per Lead: If your objective is to generate leads, this metric reveals how efficiently you’re acquiring potential customers.

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Cost per Conversion: If you’re aiming for conversions or sales, this metric lays bare the expense associated with each successful action.

Cost per Click: For traffic-focused campaigns, this metric showcases the cost of driving users to your website.

2. Clicks: The Pulse of Engagement

Clicks are the lifeblood of your Meta ad campaigns. They represent user engagement, indicating that your ad has captured someone’s interest enough for them to take action.

As a Ecommerce Consultant Dubai agency, tracking clicks is vital, as it gives you insights into the effectiveness of your ad’s messaging, imagery, and targeting.

Total Clicks: The cumulative number of times your ad received clicks.

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Unique Clicks: The count of individual users who clicked your ad.

Link Clicks: Specifically, the number of clicks that directed users to your designated landing page.

3. Click-Through Rate (CTR): Navigating the Engagement Landscape

Clicks provide the raw data, but Click-Through Rate (CTR) refines your understanding of user engagement. CTR is the ratio of clicks your ad received to the number of times it was shown to users. It offers a percentage-based view of how successful your ad is at enticing users to take action.

High CTR: A high CTR indicates that your ad is resonating with your target audience, effectively encouraging them to explore further.

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Low CTR: Conversely, a low CTR suggests that your ad may not be as engaging or relevant to your audience as you’d hoped.

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What is Meta Pixel

At its core, the Meta pixel is a discreet piece of code that finds its home on your website. It may be unassuming, but its capabilities are anything but. This pixel acts as a silent observer, collecting a treasure trove of data that serves as the backbone for optimizing your Meta ads.

What Does The Meta Pixel Mean For an Ecommerce Consulting Agency?

Conversion Tracking

 Meta pixel can track conversions from your Facebook ads providing valuable data with precision. Whether it’s a purchase, a sign-up, or another desired action, the pixel is there to record it.


 Ever visited a website and later seen ads for the exact products or services you viewed? That’s the pixel’s work. It enables you to reconnect with users who’ve already shown interest in your offerings.

Audience Building

 The pixel is your architect. It helps you construct targeted audiences for future ad campaigns based on user interactions with your website.

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