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Scarlet is a digital communication partner located in 35 countries across 4 continents focused on digital communication and consultancy.

We build long term relations while deeply comprehending our clients’ businesses, in order to develop effective strategies and digital marketing solutions in line with their business plans and goals. Our portfolio spans luxury, retail, culture, food and drink, charity and professional services. 

As well as providing great creative, high-tech and online marketing solutions; we also believe in working with, supporting and building the skills of our clients.

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Strategic Planning Team

These digital marketing consultants are responsible for creating tailor-made methods for each campaign to ensure the media plan runs smoothly and brings solid sales/branding results, not to mention troubleshooting at any emerging issues

Digital Engagement Team

Our accomplished Digital Team is made of experts in digital advertising who strategize ways to extend our brands’ social buzz and consumer interactions using their expertise and knowledge in Our multi-disciplinary team of generalist-specialists has the in-house expertise to manage a wide range of digital marketing solutions, from digital and mobile advertising to creative art design and video production. solutions to add richness and depth to media campaigns.

Creative Team

Our creative team of talented designers, art-workers, compositors and writers love getting their hands on new briefs as they get a real buzz from seeing their bright ideas brought to life in marketing campaigns.

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