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At Scarlet, we specialize in media planning, art direction, and motion design to provide our clients in Dubai with creative video production solutions. We use state-of-the-art production equipment, such as DSLRs and 4K cameras, to produce product advertorials, commercial videos, and social content with a minimalist, sleek, and pixel-perfect design. We also utilize Scarlet Music and Video Studios for our projects, which are designed for both mass media and viral channels.

Our video designers are highly experienced in building interactive, dynamic, and modern works that adhere to the latest digital standards. We have our own workflows in Dubai video production that integrate story, design, art, motion, and sound elements to create an impact. Additionally, 3d compositing is an important aspect of our media business, and we dedicate a great deal of time to modeling, animation, rendering, and motion-tracking solutions for creative commercials and viral videos.

We encourage our clients to use tailor-made methods in the world of advertisement, as sometimes a new media channel can help grow an idea, and sometimes a new idea can create its own medium. By utilizing multiple methods in media production, we are more flexible in reaching the target audience. Our goal is to capture attention and create an interesting and eye-catching scenario. We then use special visualization and effects to design digital environments and structures for the setup of viral movies, during which the creative team works on the cast and shooting techniques.

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