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Performance Marketing Tools for Organic Traffic

Generating organic traffic and filtering it using a performance marketing agency Dubai is more important than ever for any website. It is always a wise idea to use such methods before investing in any kind of advertising. Research indicates that only a small fraction of website visitors, less than 1%, will convert to sales or valuable actions when using regular paid ads.

The Google Marketing Platform provides us with powerful performance marketing tools to acquire traffic that would otherwise be impossible to acquire through regular paid ads. This traffic is more valuable to your website and can help you reach your desired goals. It is therefore essential to take advantage of these performance marketing tools to get the most out of your website.

Performance Marketing

In these short video series, (yes they are only 3 minutes each) we will be showing you how you can

  • Increase organic traffic to your website using Google Keyword Planner and SEO
  • Filter valuable traffic using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Create highly valuable audiences and goals to set conversions
  • Start Remarketing Ads and measure conversions

In order to get more valuable traffic to your website, first you need to filter the traffic and create ad campaigns only to this valuable sources. Advertising is a good idea only when you are targeting an audience including high-potential customers.

Here are some tools that we use to boost Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

1- Google Keyword Planner and SEO for Organic Traffic

Scarlet team uses Google Keyword Planner and SEO  to increase organic traffic to your website. Here is how we do it

Google Keywords Planner lets you understand which keywords are more valuable for your site. To generate organic traffic to your web site, first you need to understand which keywords are searched more in Google using Google Keyword planner. Here you can see all related keywords and their search volumes. After you select up to 10 certain keywords, you can start the search engine optimization process, in other words: SEO.

During on-site SEO, you should write very short articles containing the 10 selected keywords and place them in your landing pages. Linking them to related pages is always helpful.  Next step for onsite SEO is creating meta tags, title tags and descriptions which are crucial for Google bots to find your pages. Offsite SEO is a thorough process that includes long article writing and placing them to certain blogs and other high domain authority websites. When you’re finished with SEO,  your website will start getting high number of visitors each day to your website. You can track this at your Google Analytics account.

2- Google Tag Manager to Set Triggers and Events for User Actions

Now that you have an important amount of organic search traffic to your website, the next step would be filtering this dispersed traffic into a valuable one. Users spending long time on your website, interacting with products are rather valuable than the ones taking no action. You need to put these valuable users into a special audience sets so that you can show them your future products with spending low ad budgets. Here is a short video showing how Scarlet performance marketing agency Dubai team uses GTM (Google Tag Manager) to filter really valuable traffic

Performance Marketing

Google Tag Manager is a great to tool to filter visitors in specific ways. Let’s say you want to filter the visitors who clicked on “add to cart” button in any page of your site. You need to generate a tag and a trigger each time “add to cart” button is clicked , in other words whenever that trigger fires. Setting up triggers and events is sometimes complicated where you need to know click classes or click IDs as well.
You can use Google tag Manager for Facebook and Instagram tracking as well. If someone visited your site via social media link and took an action, you have the chance to track that person.
If you would like to filter the visitors who registered to your site for the first time or who visited a specific category page, they are both doable. Tags and trigger are like arms and legs of performance marketing. For our clients we setup up to 100 different triggers and event tags.

Performance Marketing

3- Google Analytics to Create Goals and Performance Marketing Audiences

Before doing any advertising, you need to classify and filter quality traffic you’ve already got to your website. To create audiences from the filtered visitors, first you should create events in Tag Manager and then use them in Google Analytics to translate the event information into goals and audiences. This is where performance marketing differs from regular digital marketing.

To setup Google Analytics Goals, you need to visit Goals page and add simple and advanced goals. Simple goals include page visits and session duration. For example you can set a Goal to catch users who spent more than 5 minutes in your web site. Each time you reach this goal you can assign a specific goal value in dollars. You can verify the goal before saving it to make sure it works.
Advanced Goals get information from Google Tag Manager Events, like “add to cart” event. Setting Advanced goals may require some technical knowledge and we can support you when needed.
Goals are literally the conditions for creating new audiences that you will be using in performance marketing and remarketing ads. If you go to Google Analytics Audiences section, you will see that by default there is 1 audience set, which is “all visitors” to your web page. But its too general and we don’t want that. Just because you would like to create your own audience who achieved certain goals, you can match these goals in audience builder.
Without goals, we can as well create audiences but their conditions would be limited.

4- Google Ads to Create Remarketing Sources and Conversions

Now that you created new goals and audiences, the next step would be transferring them into Google Ads to create remarketing ads.A user converts when he/she takes a specific action after clicking an ad. You can use Google Analytics Goals to create conversions fast and easy.
From now on, when you start delivering your ads, Google will track all the users and inform you when any of them converts (reached that goal you setup previously)

Performance Marketing

In any Google Ads campaign, if you go to audiences you will see that it’s blank by default, which means ads are serving to all users, which we don’t prefer.Google Ads Audience section will show you your linked audiences, in other words the data you filtered in Google Analytics. You can use these audiences for remarketing and performance marketing.
If you can combine several audiences together, your CTR rates and conversion rates will definitely increase and you will get more leads with less budgets.
Remember: More valuable data leads to more valuable results in your web site
Learning performance marketing can be complicated for first timers and it definitely has a steep learning curve.
If you are looking for a performance marketing agency Dubai offers many alternatives, but Scarlet Marketing Consultancy Team is made of data engineers who are trained specially in this field.

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If you are looking for a performance marketing agency Dubai offers many alternatives, but Scarlet Marketing Consultancy Team is made of data engineers who are trained specially in this field.

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