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Social Media has the power to lure and convince unprecedented amounts of people, making it  the most influential and fastest growing platform of internet marketing.

At Scarlet, a leading social media advertising agency Dubai, we start monitoring your social accounts with a social media strategy. We produce creative and advanced social media agency services strategies to build your brand awareness and to gain exposure & engagement.

We first analyze your social media space and determine the best approach to use and content to create for your target audience. Then, we create and manage social campaigns designed for brand awareness, engagement, and website traffic through social channels like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Social Media Advertising Agency Dubai

Prior to initiating any campaign,  Scarlet Media, a reputable social media advertising agency Dubai team always tests the content to ensure that it is engaging and viral enough to justify an ad investment. We understand the importance of building a strong connection between your audience and your brand, as this will increase the likelihood that consumers will be willing to purchase your product/service.

Since we are serving social media agency services since the beginning of 2000s, our teams are well aware of the importance of engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media channels. The more engagement you have, the stronger the connection will be between your brand and your audience. UAE is a highly social country, and this provides us with a powerful tool to create and distribute engaging content.

We understand the importance of creating content that resonates with your audience, as this will ensure that your campaigns are successful. We strive to ensure that our content is engaging and relevant, as this will enable us to build a strong connection with your audience and your brand. We are confident that our content will be successful in increasing the likelihood of consumers being willing to purchase your product/service.

We call ourselves “Digital Craftsmen” who create meaningful digital buzz by maintaining an in-depth online marketing approach that focuses on delivering local leads to brands.

“We pour our hearts and souls into our projects to become the most social agency in the brand’s history,” says Kivanc Kilicer, CEO of Scarlet Media Middle East and Africa.

As a boutique social media marketing agency, Scarlet prefers to use social media push using alternative content after each campaign to polish the results. For the final touch, press bulletins about the campaign are served to media. The need for a social media agency services in the Middle East is obvious as local language (Arabic) is more commonly used than English in the area.


“Sometimes digital PR and social media marketing bring better results than digital advertising alone in the Middle East. Through our network of editors, bloggers, aficionados (like foodies, shopaholics etc.), we use online presence as a marketing tool to help to position the brand towards its core target audience to drive sales or raise awareness” says Bishr Malahfji, Communication Consultant of Scarlet Media MENA.

Social Media Agency

How Do We Use Social Media Marketing Channels?

Fluent in all aspects of social media agency services, our teams have deep expertise in social media marketing, crafting creative campaigns, driving audience engagement and executing paid strategies across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Each social channel has pros and cons for different target audiences. Utilizing the right tactics and choosing the leading platform for your campaign is the key for success.

Social Media Agency

Facebook & Instagram Power5 Strategy

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook continues to be the big guy on campus, growing its user base to 2.5 billion users. Instagram, however, is the most common choice for advertisers as being one of the fastest growing social media networks globally. But how we can harness the social power of these major platforms? As an experienced social media advertising agency Dubai , Scarlet Media offers several solutions..

One of the first differences that jumps out is Instagram’s younger user base. Most of Instagram users are under 30. Part of the shift likely has to do with the younger consumers’ desire to be onto the next trend pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Facebook gives a great opportunity to businesses targeting a more mature audience of all sizes to reach and promote directly to them. Since it is owned by Facebook, businesses who use Instagram advertising opportunity will have access to the strongest targeting features on the internet. 75% of Instagram users take action on ads they see on their news feed, and over 1/3 of its users have used the platform to purchase a product online.

At Scarlet social media agency we employ advanced tactics for our clients which include A/B split testing, re-marketing, and conversion optimization. We either use conventional multiple campaign approach or use Power 5 strategy to target different layers of the funnel. As both platforms are managed via Facebook Business Manager, we can apply this strategy to both worlds and see the results via test campaigns.

With Power 5 strategy, (old name of Advantage Plus Campaigns) we divide the audience into 3 segments of the user funnel:

  • Cold Audience (Prospecting users)
  • Warm Audience
  • Hot Audience

In Power 5, we upload up to 10 videos and visuals and make them dynamic, which means we let Facebook/Instagram to choose the best content that works for our selected audience. Then we use campaign budget optimization and automatic placements which is totally opposite to the conventional ad management methods. We test variations of ads to see which one performs the best. We install conversion pixels on your website to pinpoint the exact number of leads/sales/product views you receive in a specific period of time to measure the performance of your ads. These practices are fundamental to implementing a profitable ad campaign.

Social Media Agency

Cost Per Lead Campaigns 

A lead campaign is a very handy way of reaching the people who are likely to be interested in your brand on Facebook and Instagram, and turn their interest into action. It’s an important part of social media agency services. When people click on a lead ad, they’ll encounter a form that’s already filled out with information they’ve previously shared on Facebook, like their name, phone number or email. People can show their interest in a product or service by submitting the form and allowing the business to follow up with them.

Lead ads are designed to prompt people to take action right away. In order to drive immediate action, the ad needs to capture attention and tell a compelling story. It should be tailored to the audience whether it’s a cold new audience or a warner audience, who have already expressed interest on your brand.

If your goal is to gather the highest quality leads, then consider using an introduction to provide more context for people and ensure that each lead made an informed decision to submit their info to your business. If your goal is to generate as many leads as possible, then it’s crucial to keep your targeting broad for maximizing the reach and allow Facebook/Instagram to optimize your ad delivery to generate the most leads at the lowest cost.

Creating Engaging Content

At Scarlet, leading social media agency in Dubai, our social services are seamlessly integrated to generate leads and exceptional results for your brand. Experts from our agency’s every department offer insights into creating powerful content capable of making an impact on social media.

Original and eye-catching content is the king. We create and share content that is scroll-stopping, analytical, responsive, and strategic, all while helping you identify the places your message will deliver the most measurable returns. With our social media content creation services, we offer social posting guides, social activation concepts, sentiment-driven ideation, video and photo content, and ongoing content optimization to our clients.

At Scarlet, We not only develop a regular content calendar for your brand, but also viral content for your contests. With properly run contests we can create fabulous opportunities, visibility, and data for your brand. Specific promotions are intended to support the creative voice of your brand. They are designed to bring an immediate return to the promotion and reach of your product or service.

Here are some other engaging content ideas we take into account when creating a social calendar

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