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SEO Agency Dubai

Search engine optimization involves strategically targeting keywords related to your field and optimizing them for placement in the top 10 search engine results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. This will help to drive organic traffic to your website, which can be tracked and monitored through Google Analytics or Google Search Console. The challenge lies in how to effectively rank for high-volume keywords.

Scarlet, a renowned SEO agency Dubai since 2006, provides comprehensive onsite and offsite ranking services to generate leads and organic traffic from the Middle East and UAE. SEO is an essential prerequisite for any website prior to initiating any marketing campaign, as organic traffic typically yields higher session times and lower bounce rates than advertising campaigns. When SEO is executed successfully, marketing campaigns are 300% more effective. 93% of online experiences commence with a search engine query.

SEO Agency Dubai

The Synergy of SEO and Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation

At Scarlet SEO Agency Dubai, we understand the importance of SEO and marketing campaigns when it comes to lead generation. Research shows that a real lead becomes a customer after three visits to the same website, while 70% of average traffic does not visit the same site after visiting it for the first time. To ensure that there will be a second or third visit to create potential buyers, we recommend the following steps:

Firstly, SEO should be used to generate organic traffic to the website. This will create a user base for incoming marketing campaigns.

Once the organic traffic is established, goals should be set up to capture this audience and mark their IPs via cookies and pixels. This will enable remarketing via Facebook and Instagram pixel data, and custom audiences can be created on Google and YouTube using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Finally, these custom audiences should be exported to Google Ads, with more than 1000 users in each audience. This is the right time to start paid advertising, as the ads can then be shown mainly to potential buyers who have already visited the website.

SEO Agency Dubai

How Do We Generate Leads with SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for lead generation via traffic from the search engine results page. SEO aims to make certain changes to your website design to make your site more attractive to a search engine.

Step 1: On-site SEO, Tags, Titles & Descriptions

The first step is to check your website and control of the title, description, and other tags are done properly for each page. Simply press CTRL+U to view the source of your page and look for them in the code.

Check where your website is getting traffic from. To do this you can use ahrefs.com or semrush.com. Also, check your competitor websites and understand what your site lacks.

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Step 2: Research for Keywords

At Scarlet SEO Agency Dubai we specialize in smart keyword research; we offer advice on all aspects of your SEO strategy. We help you conduct detailed, insightful keyword research to get everything started the right way.

Use Google Keywords planner to find which keywords have the highest search volume in your region. Create Google Webmaster Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to check past traffic sources. Here is some basic research you need to do:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Anchor text / internal site structure
  • Code optimization and use of HTML
  • Backlink profile plus recent gained/lost backlinks analysis
  • Use of trust factors and social media links
  • Analysis of Google search console/analytics, Google +, and Webmaster tools

For the on-site SEO setup, we start with Google My Business, Google Webmasters, and Google Analytics accounts and link them. We use Google keyword planner and Semrush to deep dive into your traffic sources and check each page of your website and place the right title tags, description tags, and other Meta tags. We audit the page content; do some adjustments to the text to make the pages friendlier for Google bots.

Step 3: Content Strategy in SEO

Create a content strategy based both on existing content, competitor analysis, and through discussion around core keywords. Content is the king for lead generation to your website, so it should be written using creative onsite solutions that engage the visitor and drive larger amounts of traffic to your site from Google.

Through a process of research, Scarlet can optimize and implement changes to your site in terms of maximizing the benefit from existing content, to improve the code and overall functionality and UI experience in UAE.

Another part of the process is having the correct “trust factors” in place. This would include several social media links/pages to be created.


Step 4: Off-site SEO and Backlink Strategy

During offsite-SEO we start with listing submissions (local review directories) for your business. Then we do conversion rate optimization (CRO), engagement optimization, off-page content development (text, image, video, etc.), and link building to create backlinks. We also manage social media accounts to create a calendar that is SEO-friendly.

  • As new pages and content are created, build new links to help maximize the overall SEO effect.
  • Backlink profile / Check backlink profile and disavow redundant links.
  • Build new links built on theme pages from sites that rank well / create content and agree on anchor text strategy.

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