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What are Meta Advantage Plus Ads

Meta Advantage Plus Ads represent a cutting-edge optimization model tailored for the post-iOS14.5 era. Specifically crafted for direct-to-consumer and ecommerce retailers, these campaigns aim to simplify and enhance advertising efforts.

By consolidating campaigns with a full-funnel marketing approach, A+SC strives to achieve optimal performance, scalability, and efficiency, ultimately fostering customer growth.

Small businesses with an ecommerce consulting agency, in particular, stand to benefit from Meta Advantage Plus Ads’ creative optimization capabilities. This innovative approach empowers them to achieve more with less, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution in the competitive landscape of online advertising.

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Before and After of the Changes with Advantage Plus Ads

Levers You Can’t Control

Audience Definition Simplified

Say goodbye to the complexity of audience segmentation. With Advantage Plus Ads, your audiences are neatly categorized into Prospecting and Existing customers. No more intricate audience definitions to manage.

Placements on Autopilot

Customizing placements is a thing of the past. It takes the wheel, and you won’t be able to tweak or tailor your placements. It’s a trade-off for a more straightforward campaign setup.

Streamlined Audience Tracking

If you’re accustomed to using 3rd party tracking, brace yourself for a change. It limits you to a single UTM at the campaign level. Facebook metrics now neatly break down between Prospecting and Existing customers within Ads Manager.

Bid Strategy Simplified

Forget about tweaking bid strategies manually. It automates this process by defaulting to the highest volume bid strategy. Less manual intervention, more efficiency.

Location Locked

It simplifies location targeting. Your audience can now be defined only by country, streamlining the geographic aspect of your campaigns

Levers You Can Control

Budget Mastery

Take charge of your investment levels for New vs. Existing customers. It allows you to control the maximum percentage of your budget allocated to existing customers. Your financial strategy, your way.

Attribution Settings at Your Fingertips

Maintain control over attribution settings. With Advantage Plus Ads, you’re still in command of how attribution is configured, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your campaign goals.

Detailed Reporting Breakdowns

Despite the streamlined approach, you retain the power of detailed reporting breakdowns. Stay informed and in control with comprehensive insights into your campaign performance.

Pros and Cons of Advantage Plus Ads


Streamlined Campaign Management

Advantage Plus Ads bring all elements into one consolidated campaign, simplifying the advertising process for every ecommerce marketing consultant and allowing for smarter campaign management.

Efficient Audience Handling:

A+SC divides audiences into Prospecting and Existing customers, streamlining the nurturing of purchasers. Existing customer definitions are set at the account level, ensuring consistency across all A+SCs

Budget Focus on Existing Audiences:

Budgets and desired budgets are directed towards existing audiences at the campaign level, providing a focused approach to engaging and retaining customers.

Prompt Ad Build-Out:

Upon completing campaign setup, A+SC prompts direct ad build-out. The absence of ad sets streamlines the process, resembling conversion campaigns and saving time for advertisers.

Time-Saving for Smaller Businesses:

Particularly beneficial for smaller businesses, A+SC offers a time-saving solution for both creative resources and campaign optimization


Limited Customization:

The preset settings in A+SC cannot be altered, limiting customization options during the campaign creation process. Audience location is set at the campaign level due to a constrained audience definition.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution:

A+SC is not intended to replace all automated shopping ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. While effective for sales and lower-funnel focus, it may not suit larger campaigns that require more detailed control over placements, third-party tracking, and location-specific targeting.

Sensitivity to Changes:

A+SCs are more sensitive to changes compared to standard conversion objective campaigns. Advertisers should exercise caution with frequent adjustments, as less frequent changes to budget, ads, and structure have proven to be more effective, especially for retailers running frequent promotions.

Meta Advantage Plus Ads’ Types

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1. Shopping Campaigns: Elevating E-commerce Experiences

The first Meta Advantage Plus Ads campaign type is tailor-made for shopping campaigns. This innovative approach enables advertisers to seamlessly integrate various ad types—static, video, dynamic, and more—into a singular, consolidated campaign.

This unified campaign becomes a powerhouse for any ecommerce consulting agency for targeting audiences throughout the entire customer journey.

2. App-Centric Campaigns: Fueling Success in the Digital Realm

The second campaign type within Advantage Plus Ads are specifically crafted for apps, providing a robust solution for app-focused advertising. As with shopping campaigns, this versatile approach allows the amalgamation of diverse ad types into a single campaign.

Now, your app promotion strategy becomes a unified force, reaching your target audience seamlessly across various touchpoints.

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Beyond Automation: The Human Touch in Meta Advantage Plus Ads

While Meta Advantage Plus Ads leverage advanced algorithms for testing and fine-tuning, it’s crucial to recognize that this isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. Marketers play an indispensable role in steering the campaign’s performance throughout its duration. Amidst the algorithmic intricacies, three key levers remain under your control:

Data Input Matters

 The quality of data you feed back into the platform is paramount. Understanding your audience, interpreting insights, and adapting strategies based on real-time data are areas where the human touch is irreplaceable. It’s not just about data; it’s about insightful data that fuels smarter decision-making.

Creativity Unleashed

While algorithms optimize delivery, the creative element remains firmly in human hands. Crafting compelling visuals, messaging, and storytelling is an art that algorithms can’t fully replicate. Your creativity injects a unique and resonant quality into the campaign, enhancing its overall impact.

Data Insights and Adaptation

The data generated by the campaign is a goldmine, but it requires human interpretation. Marketers need to delve into the analytics, extract meaningful insights, and adapt the campaign strategy accordingly. This continuous cycle of analysis and adjustment ensures that the campaign stays aligned with evolving goals and market dynamics.

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Navigating Creative Fatigue in Meta’s Advantage Plus Ads

For a brand specializing in house plants, the prospect of leveraging Meta’s Advantage Plus Ads is exciting, but creative fatigue is a valid concern. Here’s how you can address and overcome this challenge:

1. Abundance of Creatives

Diversity is Key: Recognize that theAdvantage Plus Ads system will be testing and refining numerous creatives. Embrace this by creating a diverse range of assets. Vary visuals, messaging, and formats to keep the audience engaged and prevent monotony.

2. Exposure to Ineffective Creatives

Constant Monitoring: Stay vigilant throughout the campaign. Regularly assess performance metrics to identify any creatives that are underperforming. The human touch is crucial here — promptly retire ineffective creatives to avoid prolonged exposure.

3. Algorithmic Adaptability

Sophistication in Action: Advantage Plus Ads have a sophisticated and dynamic system. If a creative is deemed less effective, the algorithm swiftly adjusts its approach. This adaptability extends to the individual user level, ensuring that audiences are not inundated with stagnant or ineffective messaging.

4. Preventing Oversaturation

Smart Rotation Strategies: Implement intelligent rotation strategies for your creatives. By setting frequency caps and strategic rotation schedules, you can prevent the oversaturation of a single message or visual. This ensures a balanced and fresh experience for your audience.

5. Real-time Optimization

Agile Response: Leverage real-time optimization capabilities. Advantage Plus Ads are designed to respond swiftly to changing dynamics, ensuring that your campaign stays dynamic and relevant. This agility is a powerful tool against creative fatigue.

6. Continuous Refinement

Iterative Improvement: The Advantage Plus Ads’ systems don’t settle; it consistently refines its approach. Regularly feed new creative assets into the system to facilitate ongoing testing and improvement. This iterative process prevents stagnation and maintains the campaign’s effectiveness.

Quick Tips to Get Started from Ecommerce Consulting Agency

Embarking on your Advantage Plus Ads? Our ecommerce consulting agency has compiled a handy checklist to fast-track your success:

Amplify Creatives:

Our Rule: 20 to 50 Creatives: Pack your arsenal with creatives! The more, the better. Let the Advantage Plus Ads algorithm flex its muscles by testing and refining a variety of visuals. It’s the secret sauce for superior campaign performance from our ecommerce consulting agency.

Master Your Budget:

Strategic Budgeting Matters: Budgeting is your domain. Set the stage with an overall budget and guide the platform on allocating funds across the sales funnel. It’s where your strategic prowess shines for every ecommerce consultant Dubai

Dive Deep into Data:

Data, Data, Data: Feed the platform with data abundance with an ecommerce marketing consultant. The more you provide, the sharper its performance. Bonus: If you’ve been rocking Meta’s properties for years, Advantage Plus Ads can tap into that historical data for accelerated learning.

Measure Everything:

Pixel Precision: Measurement is non-negotiable for every ecommerce consultant Dubai. Whether it’s a pixel, conversion API, or your preferred tool, accurate measurement is the compass guiding Advantage Plus Ads. It refines and optimizes based on these signals.

Consolidate for Impact:

Broad is the New Black: Advantage Plus Ads lovesconsolidation. Think broad targeting. Niche campaigns may have their charm, but for Advantage Plus Ads, casting a wider net is the secret to effectiveness. As your ecommerce business consultant, we say: Let’s keep it broad and impactful.

Meta’s AI-Powered Advantage+ Targeting

Embark on a new era of advertising excellence with Meta’s cutting-edge Advantage+ targeting. This powerhouse innovation, part of Meta’s suite of rebranded automation products, stands alongside esteemed predecessors like Advantage+ Shopping and Advantage+ Creative.

Advantage+ targeting is designed to elevate your advertising game by automating setup and optimization, placing trust in the algorithm for enhanced campaign performance.

Key Objectives of Advantage+ Targeting:

Ads Selection

 Let go of the reins and allow the algorithm to decide what ads to serve. Advantage+ targeting empowers the system to make strategic choices, optimizing the delivery of your message to the right audience at the right time.

Creative Decision-Making

Bid farewell to creative guesswork. Advantage+ unleashes the power of AI to determine the most effective creatives for your campaigns. It’s like having a creative genius at your disposal, ensuring your visuals resonate with your audience.

Precision in People Targeting

 The latest addition to the Advantage+ family introduces a groundbreaking feature — the ability to autonomously decide whom to target. By entrusting the algorithm with this crucial decision, advertisers unlock a new level of precision and efficiency in reaching the right audience segments.

Why Trust Advantage+ Targeting?

Freedom from Manual Intervention

 Advantage+ targeting liberates advertisers from the burden of micromanagement. By trusting the algorithm, you streamline the decision-making process, allowing for nimble adjustments and optimizations.

Flexibility for Better Results

 Achieve unparalleled results by embracing flexibility. Advantage+ targeting adapts to changing dynamics, ensuring your campaigns stay relevant and impactful in the ever-evolving landscape.

How Does Advantage+ Targeting Work? Learn From Our Ecommerce Consulting Agency

Hands-off Approach

 With Advantage+ targeting, you’re handing the baton to Meta. It’s Meta’s turn to determine the ideal audience for your ads. The magic lies in leveraging AI and performance data to pinpoint the right eyes for your content.

Two Paths to Influence:

a. Audience Controls

 Set the Non-Negotiables – Audience controls establish the must-have criteria for your campaigns. This includes geographic locations, minimum age requirements, custom audiences to exclude, and language preferences. Meta adheres strictly to these controls; they’re the campaign’s foundation.

b. Audience Suggestions

Pointing in the Right Direction – Advantage+ audience suggestions give advertisers a voice in the initial testing phase. Choose custom audiences, specify age ranges, identify genders, and even fine-tune with detailed interests and behaviors. While treated as suggestions, these inputs guide Meta’s AI, providing a nudge in the right direction.

Testing Ground for Suggestions

 Anything within the Advantage+ section is considered a suggestion. It serves as the playground for initial testing, allowing advertisers to influence the AI’s learning process.

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