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3 Steps to Building a Successful Digital Advertising Strategy

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3 Steps for a Successful Digital Advertising Strategy

Before initiating any ad campaign, you’d better set your digital advertising strategy wisely and use your budget efficiently to reach your goals. Research shows that filtering the traffic brings better ROAS (return on ad spend). However, at Scarlet we believe your campaign can still perform better and can bring even more leads and customers with a thoroughly planned digital advertising strategy. What we generally do is defining goals & conversions and using them for cost-capped CPA campaigns


“This guide takes you behind the scenes to share our global learnings across our B2C and B2B advertising campaigns.”

—Kevin Murakami, Google Marketing Team



Step 1: Use data to set goals

Set campaign goals that: can be clearly measured, go beyond what you would achieve without any media spend, and produce positive return on investment. At Google Marketing, the standard metric for our performance campaigns is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Check out our other guide on creating your own CLV model.


Step 2: Use conversion measurement to unlock automation

Once you have conversion measurement set up, use automated bidding to efficiently optimize your campaigns to hit your goals. And use responsive search ads and other dynamic creative, to automatically tailor your ads to different customers and contexts.


Step 3: Consider waterfall budget planning

Waterfall planning allocates budget to different channels based on their efficiency. To do that, allocate your full budget to the best-performing channel until it captures all available demand within your goals. Then begin allocating additional budget to the second best-performing channel, and so on.

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