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Mar / 24

Media Agencies in Dubai

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Media Agencies in Dubai

Dubai has always been associated with boosting creativity and promoting longevity. In recent years, Dubai has not only emerged as a powerful country but is imprinting its influence in the media as well. The growth and success of the various media organizations have developed a hub for public relations companies, advertising firms, production, print, and broadcast facilities. Due to the strong leadership and ambitious plans, the media agencies in Dubai have helped the country to gain success in the economy. Adopting fast-paced technology has given a steep rise in new and digital media. According to the IMD World Digital Competitiveness report, media agencies in Dubai hold a spot of 17th position in their index. Like any other creative industry, the media agencies in Dubai are flourishing with the pace of time by incorporating unique working methods. 

An overview of the Media Agencies in Dubai

Dubai is considered to be the international hub for all commercial transactions. The digital media agency in Dubai is a leading sector in the zone of advertising and marketing. Global brands across the world collaborate with the media agencies in Dubai for freshly curated storyboard content.

The media agencies in Dubai offer vast services including-

  • Social Media Content Development,
  • Inbound marketing services,
  • SEO and SEM (Google Ads)
  • Digital Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay per Click Advertising. 

A detail Analysis of the Industry

  • It is to be said that the global advertising industry in the year 2018 has spent a sum of $579 billion and the research forecast denotes a sharp rise of 4% in the coming years. The regional market in Dubai is slowly maturing and marketers from other countries are not trying to establish a good advertisement plan for their brand. Among the Arab countries, UAE dominates digital media agency in Dubai.
  • One of the most interesting takeaways of the media agencies in Dubai is its diversified advertising campaigns including a mix of digital, social media, and video approaches. For the very first-time social media advertising of the media agencies in Dubai reached a sum of $50 million in 2019. It is expected to increase by 4% at the end of the year 2020. The media agencies in Dubai are captivating the brands and presenting them across every industry. Nowadays most of the advertising agencies are doing 360-degree campaigns for the brands. Especially with the influx of digital media, most of the brands are now concentrating on online advertising and pay per click concept.
  • Advertising business in Dubai is working like magic; Dubai is a place for big brands, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, Rolex and many more. Marketers tend to spend a lot of money on advertising, especially in digital marketing. Apart from the digital marketing Dubai also concentrates on outdoor advertising sales. It is believed that a good creative storyboard can make people remember the brand.
  • The media agencies in Dubai have been developing itself with the passing of years. Equipped with modern workflow and creativity, these advertising agencies are not promoting brands but setting an example for the world. It is to be said that 9.7 million people are engaged with social media in Dubai. Therefore prominent media agencies in Dubai use social media marketing as a part of their targeting audience for the promotion of the brands.
  • In the future years, it is expected that the media agencies in Dubai will be expanding its creative dynamic approaches with innovative marketing techniques and creative visualization.
  • Overall, it cannot be denied that Dubai is the ultimate economic hub of most of the Gulf countries. It is due to this reason, that an increase in the scope of use of digital media was noticed at the rate of 4%, increasing the chances of revenue and return on investments for the digital media agencies in Dubai. This increase in scope has opened the chances for several digital media agencies, especially those of the United Arab Emirates, to resort to using of social media like Facebook and Twitter to conduct a 360-degree campaign to attract the audience. This use of digital media, including the strategy of pay per click in social media WebPages and mobile phones has led to more profits and business income for all digital media agencies in Dubai
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