Tips to rewrite your marketing content without losing the quality

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When you are rewriting the content then most of the time, the quality would be changed because some of the article rewriters are not enough to completely maintain the original quality.

The reason why the rewriter tool ruins the quality is the changing of the meaning of the content but not focusing on maintaining the meaning of the writing.

For example, when you are rewriting through an online tool that is not based on advanced algorithms then it would change most of the words of content but don’t focus on selecting the most appropriate words that increase the quality.

This is obvious that every tool would do the same instead some tools are based on artificial intelligence that maintains the quality of your writing.

Besides the tools, the rewriting can also be performed through manual rewording. Manual rewriting is quite difficult because you need to focus.

In this article, we will discuss more how to use the rewriter tool without ruining the quality of the content. but before going forward we would like to mention you contact us at [email protected] if you need a full service Digital marketing agency Turkey

What is an article rewriter and how it works?

The article rewriter is usually used for content marketing to avoid plagiarism as well as to increase the effectiveness of the content.

The article rewriter uses advanced technology to change most of the sentences in your writing to generate a maximum new copy of the article.

Marketers usually use it for changing different content and some of these are types are discussed below:

  • Social media posts
  • Guest posts
  • Web content
  • Email marketing

You should always consider the below-mentioned points when you are rewriting an article whether through the manual or with the help of the online tool:

1.    See ideas, not words

One of the first things in the rewriting is that you should go for looking at the idea of the source you are researching.

If you look for the words, then there are chances that you would be using the same words in your content. Copying the same ideas would create the problem of plagiarism.

When you are just taking the idea of the content then it would help to make a better copy of the rewritten article.

For example, you are reading an article on social media marketing. You just take the ideas about what factors are compulsory for better marketing instead of copying each fact of the original content.

To know why avoiding the words are important, we can see that the article rewriting tools that are available online usually changes the words of the sentences but keeps the meaning of the article the same.

Yet, if you don’t get the idea of the content that you are reading then you can use some of the words but by exchanging them with their synonyms.

2.    Don’t rewrite the article sentence by sentence

When you are rewriting, you should always consider rewriting by looking at the paragraph and getting the idea by reading the whole paragraph.

Sentence by sentence rewriting would cause the chances of plagiarism. This is usually because the sentence rewriting doesn’t have the potential of changing the whole of the sentence instead most of the words would remain the same.

If you are rewriting for 100% unique articles, then read all the content of the paragraph and then write the content in your words but with the same meaning.

The online tools for this purpose do the same and some of the tools have a minimum limit of rewriting. This is because the tool needs to understand the concept of the content and then it would generate a fresh copy.

3.    Go for maximum changes

When you are writing a rewritten version of the content then you shouldn’t avoid the compulsory changes.

For example, during rewriting, most of the words might not be changed to maintain the actual meaning but this is not a good practice.

This is because while maintaining the meaning you might get involved in plagiarism which is harmful to your marketing efforts.

If you have some additional idea about the content, you are copying and writing then you should consider adding it because it would maximize the content’s uniqueness.

4.    Use article rewriter

Online article rewriters are the best option for writing the content because they are equipped with advanced algorithms. Some tools can help you to generate the same meaningful content with the help of artificial intelligence.

The article changer can automatically change the content and replace most of the words with the best and appropriate words that can keep the actual meaning of the writing.

The online article rewriters are usually available for free while they are instant and gives you the newly generated article quickly.

5.    Proofread your content

Whether you are redrafting your article manually or through the online tools, you should consider proofreading your content at the end.

This is because the content you are rewriting might have some errors including grammatical, spelling, or clarity wise. This happens because when the tools are changing the words with the maintenance of the meaning, there are chances of the occurrence of the mistakes.

There are several ways to proofread your content but still, you need to consider the below-mentioned factors during the process of proofreading:

  • Use grammar checker to check grammatical mistakes
  • Checking of the grammatical mistakes
  • Checking the clarity of the sentences
  • Selection of the words to keep the actual meaning
  • The uniqueness of the writing through a plagiarism checker
  • Optimization of the content for better content marketing



Comparing the online tools with the manual rewriting, the online tools are a better option because the advanced algorithms of these tools help to make a better version.

In marketing, there comes some situations where you have to post more content in less time. For example, consistent posting on social media would need a lot of content.

To get this content, the remaking of the content would be a good option without spending much.

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