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Social Media Analytics
Nov / 27

Leveraging Social Media Analytics to Enhance Marketing Efforts

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Leveraging Social Media Analytics to Enhance Marketing Efforts In digital marketing, where strategies evolve at the speed of a tweet, the importance of leveraging social media analytics cannot be overstated. For those engaged in Marketing Training or delving into the intricacies of Social Media Marketing, understanding how to harness the power of analytics is a […]

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Mar / 21

How to Maximize Reach and Engagement with Trending YouTube Videos

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  What if your YouTube videos could go viral? Videos have a ton of benefits on YouTube, including the ability to differentiate your brand, inform your audience, set up trust, and more. What would happen if one of your videos had the reach to go viral? Well, with the right mind behind it and the […]

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Nov / 26

Social Media in 2020: Do you need a full scope digital agency UAE?

Ayşe Yıldırım Digital Marketing, Advertising Agency, Digital Agency, Dubai, Social Media, Social Media Agency 0

Social Media in 20220: Do you need a full scope digital agency UAE? Given the importance of social media in the lives of end-users, companies flock to digital media platforms to reach their target consumer audience. However, there is a content overload on social platforms and the competition is quite high. In 2022 it will […]

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social media marketing agency
Sep / 23

4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Social Media Marketing Agency

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REASON 1: Developing a Professional Social Media Strategy At Scarlet, a leading social media marketing agency, we start monitoring your social media with a social media strategy. We produce creative and advanced social media strategies to build your brand, gain exposure and audience (i.e. customers). We analyze your social media space and determine the best […]

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Marketing Agency
Jun / 17

Gleaning Insights to a Marketing Agency

Bishr Malahfji Digital Marketing, 360 digital agency, Advertising Agency, full service digital agency, Marketing Agency, Social Media 0

Gleaning Insights to a Marketing Agency  Welcome folks, Let’s start with basic understanding of what do you mean by Marketing Agency? An agency helps a company to increase its sales and profit percentage by providing them with marketing strategies. Strategies they provide are based on extensive research work on current scenario of the market. Marketing […]

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Nov / 18

WhatsApp Tests Its Version of Snapchat Stories

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If Facebook can copy Snapchat and Instagram can copy Snapchat, why shouldn’t WhatsApp copy Snapchat? Manish Singh of Mashable reported that the Facebook-owned messaging application is testing a feature called Status that mirrors Snapchat Stories. According to Singh, the Status feature is included in the newest public beta versions of WhatsApp’s iOS and Android apps, […]

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